Precision laser welding and industrial automation and robot intelligent production line solution provider

Company Profile

Baiyutao Intelligent Technology is a supplier of high-quality precision laser welding and industrial automation and robot intelligent production line solutions.


Focus on LED,IC, wafer and other semiconductor and lead frame precision laser welding, precision laser cutting, precision laser soldering, high-speed laser marking, precision laser testing equipment, packaging testing equipment, industrial robots and other intelligent automation equipment research and development, production of high-tech enterprises.


Our automation equipment is mainly used in 3C electronics, IC,LED, wafer and other semiconductor and automotive new energy and medical companies automated production applications. So far, hundreds of companies across the country and overseas have widely used our company's equipment. Our company has an independent and powerful R & D team, an independent intelligent automation equipment production workshop, a powerful robot production base, and a fast after-sales service team., From R & D to processing, from assembly debugging, from test machine detection to shipment, from shipment to after-sales and other one-stop service for all customers, to truly stand in the customer's point of view, for customers to save time, money, improve production efficiency, save a lot of labor.


Baiyutao Intelligent Technology is the core R & D company of several companies. The company continues to innovate and integrate with international core technologies. It has achieved today's fruitful results with concentration, focus, and professionalism. Smart equipment has been recognized by customers. So far, the company has obtained a number of invention patents and new patents. We have 15 years of R & D and production skills in industrial intelligent automation and non-standard mechanical design and production, 10 years of technology in robot R & D and production, and 8 years of R & D and production technology in precision laser welding and laser series. Our success lies in understanding customer needs and industry applications, actively responding to the changing market, and creating greater value for customers with professional technology.