Classification of welding methods


Why tin welding? Can laser solder paste be used after it expires?

The welding method of using tin as a welding material is called brazing, which is a welding method that only melts the welding material and does not melt the welded parts. The traditional way of electric iron welding


Application advantage analysis of spot welding process of automatic laser welding machine

In advanced industrial enterprises, due to the wide application of laser processing technology, the production technology has undergone qualitative changes. The emergence of laser welding technology to further expand the scope of application of laser technology. From the current welding practice in China, laser welding has not only been widely used in aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metal fields, but also in the welding of non-metallic products such as electronic components.


Laser welding and application of precision optical components

With the rapid development of modern science and technology such as electronic science and the Internet, the application range of precision optical components continues to penetrate into many optical imaging fields closely related to human life, such as digital cameras, notebook computers, mobile phones, security surveillance cameras, vehicle-mounted visual systems, smart homes and aerial drones.